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This is a popular snus.  Perhaps one of the most popular in the world of snus.  It has a fresh flavor, and an extra strong kick.  Mint products are amongst the most popular out there, and this one certainly packs that sweet spearmint flavor.  As a spearmint guy myself, I tend to gravitate more toward these flavors of peppermint tastes.  This one is a big strong for me, however, so I tend to err more towards the regular strength Oden’s Cold myself.  But if you’re someone who likes a product with some kick to it, this may be right up your alley! 



Today, we’re sitting down with Oden’s finest.  Of course, that means only one thing.  Yes, the one, the only, Oden’s Cold Extreme White Dry.  Quite possibly the most popular product in the Oden’s family, and quite possibly the most popular product GN Tobacco produces.  Well, next to Siberia, of course.  If you have ever glanced into any of the online gathering places that snusers congregate, you’ll see there’s no shortage of discussion of this snus.  It is a love/hate snus for many, but you can’t discount it’s popularity. So, let’s discuss!

Taking the top lid off you’ll notice the catch lid is on a hinge.  Not a lot of manufacturers do this, and I suppose it’s handy if you’re one who loses you catch lid.  The flavor description here on tells us this one is “An extremely strong White Dry portion snus from Oden’s with the popular Cold flavor of refreshing spearmint!”  The side of the can notes a 16 gram can weight, and I counted 20 portions in the can.  That gives us portions weighing in at 0.8 grams each.  The nicotine content for GN’s “Extreme” line is 22mg/g (2.2%), and with 0.8 gram portions that means your nicotine will hit right at 17.6mg per portion.

Now, let’s do a review of this snus.  That’s what we’re here for, right?  Let’s check it out!  Opening the can, the aroma of spearmint comes through quite clearly.  It’s a mildly sweet aroma of spearmint, with a gentle presence to it.  The portions are soft to the touch, and being a white dry have less moisture than your standard white portion.  When I put one under the lip it has a little sting at first, followed by a gentle cooling sensation in the lip.  As most white dry portions do, the flavor develops slowly.  As it comes on, I notice a flavor of lightly sweet spearmint.  Mid-way through the life of this one, a little mild tobacco character pokes its head out.  Back to the nicotine strength, you’re dealing with an “extreme” here.  But, thanks to the lighter weight portions, I find it to deliver around the extra strong level.  It has a pretty strong kick to it, so it’s not for the faint!  The flavor lasts a solid 1.5 hours, thanks to the extended life of the white dry format!